Friday, July 13, 2018

What Crafting Have I Done Lately?

Mikaela & Ethan's
wedding gift
I can't believe it's been since January since I shared my craft works. Well, our daughter's wedding is done now so I have a bit more time to share some of the craftings I have done.

First, let me say that my daughter wore my wedding gown! The gown was my mother's gown. She made it for her wedding 62 years ago. It was then stored in a cedar chest in the attic of my grandparent's 3 story farmhouse. The next spring, the farmhouse caught on fire and was completely gutted. But high up on a beam sat mom's cedar chest. They knocked it done and it fell to the basement. The lid broke open to reveal her perfectly preserved dress!

Ethan &  Mikaela May 19, 2018
Gene & Elaine April 21, 1956
Mike & Mandy December 31, 1989

She is such a tiny thing that we had to have the dress redesigned a bit. But it was beautiful! Don't you think?

There was lots of fabric left over so I made some clutch purses for myself, Mom, and Mikaela.

There is still more fabric left. Enough that maybe one day I can make a blessing gown for grandchildren. {wishful thinking}

In between these things, I made a Cleveland Cavaliers blanket for one of my pastors. This was the hardest pattern to date, trying to keep all the colors and yarn from being entangled was enough of a challenge. But actually, I had the thing nearly 1/3 done when I realized I had made a major mistake. So I  pulled the whole thing out and started again. This time from a different angle.

I also finished a baby blanket for a niece and a wedding gift for another niece. These I wanted to be finished before the wedding so that I could deliver them personally. Well at least personally to their mothers. :)   In my haste, I forgot to take pictures of one of them.

This summer I had a new project of a triangular shawl. This one was easy. Finished it over a weekend. I'll share it with you later.


P.S. If you want to see more wedding photos, go to my family page,

Friday, January 26, 2018

Stitched up a Christmas Gift or two

So, our son says he is going to move to Minnesota, so I figure he needs a hat. I had this leftover yarn and thought, this would remind him of his Georgia Dawgs and his family roots. Want one? $9.50, plus shipping.


We've had some particularly cold weather for Savannah this January so I whipped up these fingerless gloves for my girl. What color do you want?
$9.50 plus shipping.

How about a special $17 plus shipping for matching hat AND gloves?


Also, this was made a while back for a friend to give at Christmas. I'm sure they are loving it too! It's a twin size bed afghan. Green Bay seems to be the favorite team. My boys don't really like me having all the green and gold yarn around the house. Someone, please let me make a different logo for a change.

So who wants to purchase the next blanket? I have a daughter and two nephews getting married this year so I need to make some money to pay for their gifts! :)

Help me out and get your order in today.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Crochet Hooks Have Not Been Quiet This Fall.


I can share a few more projects that have been given as gifts and others that have been purchased. You will love these new patterns that I have tried out!

Pattern called Brooklyn
by Asher Blu Designs
This baby blanket is my first sale to a complete stranger. I posted a baby blanket for sale on the local Facebook Market Place and had someone contact me about making one with three colors. They were some pretty bright colors but I think it turned out really nice. 36" square
I used a new yarn for this one. Hobby Lobby just opened in our town so Mikaela and I went to check it out. Found this beautiful and very soft yarn from Yarn Bee. I'll be using it more I am sure.

This pink one was the one placed on Facebook. It is still available for $50. I made it with some stash yarn I had. It didn't turn out as large as I would like but still large enough at 32" square

Then a friend at church connected me with her friend who wanted a special blanket called Turtle Beach by June Gilbank on

I used a different turtle pattern but it came out quite beautiful. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for this. I absolutely love the aqua color shown here. 

For the Nieces and Nephews

My niece, Katie asked if I could make her a scarf. She ended up with two since the first one seemed too heavy for me. They got lost in the mail for awhile but they finally arrived safe and sound!

A Wedding Gift For Tyler & Rebekah

Then I turned to work on something special for my nephew and his bride. I decided on a pattern I have used before for a niece from Lion Brand called Border Patterned Blanket. I used Lion Brand Homespun Yarn. Weight size 4. It makes a very soft, warm blanket. Decided on blues and off white. Lion Brand (Colonial, Windsor, & Decco)

 Now I am back to another Green Bay afghan bed footer for a twin bed.
These are very popular. But I sure would like to make a different logo for a change.

Scroll through my posts to see what I've done in the past. If you want more details for crocheting find me at Ravelry

Contact me personally if you need something made.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I So Enjoy Making Gifts!

I didn't have much to work on this summer, but suddenly have several projects coming down the pike for the fall.

I've been so excited about my nephew's wedding. He and his special lady love hunting and the Green Bay Packers. I wanted to do this in camouflage, but couldn't find a camo yarn that I liked. It looks great on the foot of their bed AND it will keep them warm at the Packer games! I found the logo instruction on and then made adjustments to make the afghan. I used a chunky yarn. So it will be warm and soft on those cold Wisconsin winter nights.

I can make this bed foot Afghan for you for $160. I could even do it with a different team logo! 


Now I'm working on this Turtle Beach Afghan that was custom ordered. It is so pretty. Maybe you would like one of these. It will have sea turtles swimming into the sea! Cost $60

I found this pattern on created by June Gilbank


These Christmas stockings are darling. I can make one and Monogram it for $25ppd. I'll double it with opposite colors as seen here for $45ppd Choose two different colors If you wish.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Now this one is beautiful

My cousin's wife contacted me and asked if I would make a baby blanket for a new baby joining the family soon. We found a beautiful pattern by Asher Blu Designs. I think it's one I will be making several of.

I loved it so much that I made one using left over yarns. I had enough yarns to create the base. It's surprisingly lovely, but I want it larger to be at least large enough for a lapghan. I need 4-5 ounces of three different colors preferably variegated.

So, now I've put this one aside. I had a One Pound skein of pink. I thought this blanket might look nice in pink with a white trim. This one is for sale! Contact me if you are interested. It's about 36" square. $65

I need to sell several items this summer so that I can pay my annual blog fee of around $100. Whatever you need coming up please let me know. Anything ordered and paid for by August 15th will receive 10% off. Anything over $75 will be postage free!

I'm thinking it might be good to get a head start on football or Christmas.
So order your stadium blankets $150... NOTE: I have green on hand so I could get right to the Green Bay one. :)

I'm open to trying other logos beside these.

Or we could even get a head start on Christmas Stockings. Order one for $25 or two complimenting stockings for $45 plus postage. Comes with the holly sprig. Add $5 for monogramming.

Take a look at the other items in previous posts for more ideas. Or come up with your own ideas and I will work out the details with you!

Happy Summer!



Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring crochet projects

I stay quite busy crocheting these days. Spent most of April working on a King size Packer blanket. Wow! Didn't think when I agreed to do it how large and heavy it would get. I ended up crocheting it in sections and then whip stitching the pieces together. Still had to man-handle the whole thing doing the edging, but it turned out pretty nice.

My own pattern. The logo came from 

When I got the logo part finished, I thought that part might look good as an afghan at the foot of the bed. May try some like that.

After I posted my niece's Round Ripple blanket last month, I was contacted to make another one like that in blue. It was fun to find the blues to put together. I found this pattern on but made my own pattern of colors.

How to you like my new Ribbon tag for creation identity?

Now I am working on a gorgeous baby blanket requested by a family member. This Brooklyn Baby Blanket pattern was created by Asher Blu Designs. I have been wanting to try a corner to corner blanket sometime. This is my first. I think I like it.

I was contacted this week about making a cancer survivor blanket. That should be really nice. Stay tuned to see what we come up with for that.

And now I have two family weddings coming up in the fall that I need to make something for! :)  Not complaining though.

Well, the stitching goes on making Legacy Gifts. What do you need me to make for you?

Itching for Stitching!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Crocheting up a Storm

So I've been looping away, crocheting up a storm. Since my last post, I  accepted the challenge to create a King size blanket for someone. It's going along pretty well. Of course, my family isn't thrilled that I keep buying yarn with the Green Bay colors.

Sometime, I really need to work on some items for our house but that doesn't pay. :)

I would really like to try my hand at some other team logos. Any suggestions? Would anyone like to be the first client and receive a nice discount? Alabama fans? Texas A&M?  I saw a really cool Texas flag blanket that would be awesome.

As I finished the logo on the King-size blanket, it dawned on me that maybe people would like a bed foot afghan. It would look something like this:

Oops! the blanket is upside down!

Of course, I could easily adjust this to a Georgia Bulldog afghan or even Ohio State! My estimated cost would be around $150. This one is 25"x75"

I've also been working on a couple baby afghans.

I have a new great niece named, Lillie. So I made her a Lillie Pad!
My niece & great niece!
Lillie's new blanket

Also, have a new little nephew coming this summer. So I added to a traditional baby blanket to make it nautical.

Also had some fun with green for St. Patty's for a door prize at the Ladies' function at church. Here's the start of one. But I forgot to take a photo of the final outcome.

Well, hope you enjoyed these. If you need something made, just send me a message.