Friday, July 13, 2018

What Crafting Have I Done Lately?

Mikaela & Ethan's
wedding gift
I can't believe it's been since January since I shared my craft works. Well, our daughter's wedding is done now so I have a bit more time to share some of the craftings I have done.

First, let me say that my daughter wore my wedding gown! The gown was my mother's gown. She made it for her wedding 62 years ago. It was then stored in a cedar chest in the attic of my grandparent's 3 story farmhouse. The next spring, the farmhouse caught on fire and was completely gutted. But high up on a beam sat mom's cedar chest. They knocked it done and it fell to the basement. The lid broke open to reveal her perfectly preserved dress!

Ethan &  Mikaela May 19, 2018
Gene & Elaine April 21, 1956
Mike & Mandy December 31, 1989

She is such a tiny thing that we had to have the dress redesigned a bit. But it was beautiful! Don't you think?

There was lots of fabric left over so I made some clutch purses for myself, Mom, and Mikaela.

There is still more fabric left. Enough that maybe one day I can make a blessing gown for grandchildren. {wishful thinking}

In between these things, I made a Cleveland Cavaliers blanket for one of my pastors. This was the hardest pattern to date, trying to keep all the colors and yarn from being entangled was enough of a challenge. But actually, I had the thing nearly 1/3 done when I realized I had made a major mistake. So I  pulled the whole thing out and started again. This time from a different angle.

I also finished a baby blanket for a niece and a wedding gift for another niece. These I wanted to be finished before the wedding so that I could deliver them personally. Well at least personally to their mothers. :)   In my haste, I forgot to take pictures of one of them.

This summer I had a new project of a triangular shawl. This one was easy. Finished it over a weekend. I'll share it with you later.


P.S. If you want to see more wedding photos, go to my family page,


  1. Gorgeous! I love seeing your crafts Mandy!!

    1. I'm finding that blogger is not informing me when I get a comment, so forgive my tardiness and thank you for being my biggest cheerleader.

  2. Thank you for sharing pictures of the beautiful wedding dress, and blankets. The clutches are a cute way to use the extra fabric. I am stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

    1. Liz, Im finding that blogger is not informing me when I get a comment, so forgive my tardiness and thank you for coming by.

  3. what an amazing story about your Mother's gown!! All 3 generations look lovely wearing it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!