Friday, January 26, 2018

Stitched up a Christmas Gift or two

So, our son says he is going to move to Minnesota, so I figure he needs a hat. I had this leftover yarn and thought, this would remind him of his Georgia Dawgs and his family roots. Want one? $9.50, plus shipping.


We've had some particularly cold weather for Savannah this January so I whipped up these fingerless gloves for my girl. What color do you want?
$9.50 plus shipping.

How about a special $17 plus shipping for matching hat AND gloves?


Also, this was made a while back for a friend to give at Christmas. I'm sure they are loving it too! It's a twin size bed afghan. Green Bay seems to be the favorite team. My boys don't really like me having all the green and gold yarn around the house. Someone, please let me make a different logo for a change.

So who wants to purchase the next blanket? I have a daughter and two nephews getting married this year so I need to make some money to pay for their gifts! :)

Help me out and get your order in today.


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