Monday, November 13, 2017

Crochet Hooks Have Not Been Quiet This Fall.


I can share a few more projects that have been given as gifts and others that have been purchased. You will love these new patterns that I have tried out!

Pattern called Brooklyn
by Asher Blu Designs
This baby blanket is my first sale to a complete stranger. I posted a baby blanket for sale on the local Facebook Market Place and had someone contact me about making one with three colors. They were some pretty bright colors but I think it turned out really nice. 36" square
I used a new yarn for this one. Hobby Lobby just opened in our town so Mikaela and I went to check it out. Found this beautiful and very soft yarn from Yarn Bee. I'll be using it more I am sure.

This pink one was the one placed on Facebook. It is still available for $50. I made it with some stash yarn I had. It didn't turn out as large as I would like but still large enough at 32" square

Then a friend at church connected me with her friend who wanted a special blanket called Turtle Beach by June Gilbank on

I used a different turtle pattern but it came out quite beautiful. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for this. I absolutely love the aqua color shown here. 

For the Nieces and Nephews

My niece, Katie asked if I could make her a scarf. She ended up with two since the first one seemed too heavy for me. They got lost in the mail for awhile but they finally arrived safe and sound!

A Wedding Gift For Tyler & Rebekah

Then I turned to work on something special for my nephew and his bride. I decided on a pattern I have used before for a niece from Lion Brand called Border Patterned Blanket. I used Lion Brand Homespun Yarn. Weight size 4. It makes a very soft, warm blanket. Decided on blues and off white. Lion Brand (Colonial, Windsor, & Decco)

 Now I am back to another Green Bay afghan bed footer for a twin bed.
These are very popular. But I sure would like to make a different logo for a change.

Scroll through my posts to see what I've done in the past. If you want more details for crocheting find me at Ravelry

Contact me personally if you need something made.